Hi, I'm Ana

Your multi-discipline cameleon.

Blending illustration, design & fashion , I try to learn as much as I can and be as good to ensure my clients get all the services they need in one place. My bold, colorful, and imaginative style brings subjects to life with vibrant, storytelling art. 

My Services

2D & 3D Illustration and Animation

• Vector Illustrations of all kinds
• Kids/adult coloring books

Graphic Design

•Digital Marketing Graphics (Web Banners, Social Media Icons, GIFs, Ads, Etc.)

Fashion Design

•Apparel design/merch design
• Original textile design & print artwork development.• Vector Illustrations

Comission work

• Digital Portraits, Caricatures and funny cartoons



2D Illustrations: Simple character designs, icons, and basic backgrounds.

2D Animations: Short animated sequences (up to 30 seconds), such as logo animations or simple character movements.


2D & 3D Animations: Longer animations (up to 2 minutes) with detailed characters and backgrounds.


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Contact Me

My inbox is open for new work, you can contact me with the contact form here or by e-mail: anamartinsroque@gmail.com

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